East London Chorus

The chorus for East London and Docklands


We are an auditioned choir. The auditions are a means of ensuring a certain level of ability on entry to the choir, and that these levels are maintained subsequently.  We do expect all members to be able to read music.

The audition lasts about five minutes, and will be conducted privately by the MD during the break in rehearsal on Tuesday evenings. It consists of four parts and is far less intimidating than it sounds!

  1. Performance of a short prepared piece. This is a work of your own choice. It could be a solo song, folk song or hymn. It should be a notated work. The MD will be listening for intonation, tone, diction, communication of the meaning behind the song, and of course to musicality and attention to details such as dynamics and phrasing.
  2. Sight-reading. This will be a short extract with some occasional challenging rhythms and intervals.  It will be accompanied and you will have two attempts.
  3. Aural tests. You will be asked to sing a short phrase played to you on the piano twice, and to sing the middle note of a chord played on the piano.
  4. Vocal range. You’ll finally be asked to sing scales to the higher and lower extremities of your voice so that the MD can assess which voice part you might join.

You will not necessarily be informed of the result of your audition immediately, as this is at the discretion of the MD, but you will definitely be informed whether you have passed within the next two days.