East London Chorus

The chorus for East London and Docklands

Rehearsal schedule Oct 31st to end of term

Dear All,

Please see below the rehearsal schedule for the rest of the term.

Please also see further information from Rosemary on the members’ site.

There are two more sessions focusing on specific sections of the All Hallows repertoire, so please prepare in advance for these.

From Tuesday week (7 November) you will also need to bring your copy of 100 Carols for Choirs, if you have one.

  • October 31st
    • Solo sessions in the break (tbc with those involved)
    • Mozart Magnificat
    • Britten p14-28
    • Finzi p13-20
    • Bach p9-17
    • Rheinberger

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Rehearsal 10th Oct

Below is the rep we will be covering next week:

  • Mozart – p14-19
  • Finzi – p27-end (and re-visiting last week’s pages)
  • Bach – p2-7, 9-12 (we covered the first of these last week so please do go through these again before the next rehearsal so we can go into more detail)
  • Britten – p27-end (we may not have time to get to the end but please look at the entire section in case).

Thanks all!


Dear All

Please have a look at the rep above in advance of the rehearsal.

If you missed yesterday’s rehearsal, or any of the previous ones, please make sure that you go over the sections covered that week, so that you are up to speed when we return to them.  Details of each week’s rep are below: Continue reading

Rehearsal 26th Sept

Hi All,

What to prepare for next week:

  • Bach p25-28
  • Finzi p9-18
  • Britten p8-13
  • Mozart p8-13

Could you also listen through and go back over Bach p13-17 (verse 3 fugue) as we will be looking at this in a couple of weeks and it would be great to go straight into some detail.

Thank you! Have a lovely week,


Solos and rehearsal 19th Sept

Dear All,

Auditions for Autumn Term solos

There are a number of opportunities for solos in the Autumn Term repertoire. Jess will be holding auditions for these in mid-October.

Please have a look at the relevant sections and decide if you would like to
be considered for one or more of them.  We will circulate a sign-up sheet
for the auditions a little nearer the time.

  • Britten
    • Soprano pp 32-37, 40-41
    • Alto pp 37-38
    • Tenor p 42
    • Bass pp38-39
  • Bach
    • SSA – p 8
    • ATB – pp 19-20
    • SST – pp 21-24
  • Mozart
    • STB – pp 12-13
  • Finzi
    • Soprano – p12
    • TB – pp 20-24

Next week’s rep

We will be working on the following material at next week’s rehearsal –
please listen to it ahead of time and familiarise yourself with the notes
and text!

  • Rheinberger
  • Finzi (p2-9)
  • Britten (p1-13)
  • Bach (p9-12, 25-28)
  • Mozart (p1-7)

See you all next week.

Best wishes