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From Jess – A celebration for St Cecilia’s Day

Morning all,

Congratulations on a fantastic concert last night! It has been a term of tough music but absolutely worth it.

Particular highlights for me were the Mozart and Finzi (the transitions were solid and the final Amen was beautiful!) but I am most proud of how you tackled the Bach. It’s no secret it’s an incredibly long and complex work, so thank you for not giving up on it and giving it your all last night!

Another congratulations to all the soloists last night – beautiful renditions throughout the pieces and a lot to take on so well done, and thank you to George who has been a fabulous accompanist this term and of course joining the ranks in the concert.

I hope you have a relaxing day today and get some rest in before Tuesday when we are starting on the Vaughan Williams and carols for Wanstead.

All best,


— — —

Jessica Norton
Musical Director

Author: ELC website manager

aka Clare. 2nd alto.

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