East London Chorus

The chorus for East London and Docklands

Homework 9th May

Dear All

Rehearsal tapes – please start listening to these:

[Edit: I’m sending you links Jess has found for recordings of all of the repertoire for the July concert. ]

All of the pieces except for the Muhly are also on the John Fletcher site: http://www.johnfletchermusic.org/

Please refresh your memory of the Handel by listening to it with the score, ideally ahead of Tuesday evening when Jess will run through the final movement in the last part of the rehearsal.  (Those of you who are not singing in this concert will be free to leave at this point).  Please don’t forget your Handel score on Tuesday!

Best wishes


Rosemary Leeke

Chair, ELC

Author: ELC website manager

aka Clare. 2nd alto.

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