East London Chorus

The chorus for East London and Docklands

Homework 8-14 March

Dear All,

Well done from Jo on a very encouraging rehearsal last night.  She would like you to do two separate homework tasks this week:

  1. Go over the movements we covered last night to make sure that you’ve really nailed your own tricky corners (a good idea to do this in the next day or two while last night is fresh in our minds!).
  2. Have a really good look at the movements we will be covering next week:
  • Handel – Tu es Sacerdos, Dominus a dextris p61-72, De torrente (men)
  • Vivaldi – Juravit Dominus, Implebit

If you missed last night, please try to arrive early next week and get score markings from a neighbour in your voice part.  Thanks.

Have a good week.

Best wishes


Rosemary Leeke

Chair, ELC

Author: ELC website manager

aka Clare. 2nd alto.

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