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Homework for rehearsal 28th Feb

Dear all

Thanks for another invigorating rehearsal and well done with all the hard work you are putting in.  My brief is to make sure the Handel notes are known by the time Jo takes over.  We have one more rehearsal to achieve that.

Last week we covered the following:

  • Vivaldi (with Graham)
  • Final movement – thorough notebash
  • Handel (with me)
  • Et in saecula from p86 b55 to the end, very thoroughly
  • Conquassabit from p69 b210 to the end, including work on articulation which you MUST copy from someone who was there if you missed it

Then we went back to the beginning and revised:

  • Dixit p2 b18 to the end
  • Juravit p30 b1 to the end including how to find the notes in b1 and b 22 – it is essential that you all work on this
  • We sang the first few bars of Tu es sacerdos p37 and worked on finding the notes

Next week we will start on p37 and hopefully get to the end of the whole piece before anyone dies of a broken larynx, and before I say farewell….

Author: ELC website manager

aka Clare. 2nd alto.

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